Hotel Cons Da Garda

The hotel can be reached from the entrance to the Isthmus of O Grove, taking the detour to San Vicente do Mar and following from this point a total of 6.5 km. It is located approximately 1000 meters from Pedras Negras compound heading towards San Vicente de O Grove.


Area, 33
San Vicente de O Grove
36988 O Grove
Pontevedra – España


GPS Location

North: 42° 27′ 59.08″, West: 8° 55′ 31.23″


Distances in Kilometers

O Grove (center): 7.5 km
Isla de La Toja: 7.0 km
Sanxenxo: 16 km
Combarro: 27 km
Cambados: 20 km
Pontevedra: 45 km
Aeropuerto Vigo: 74 km
Aeropuerto Santiago: 98 km
Portugal: 99 km