General terms and conditions of contracting and reservations

This document aims to regulate the terms and general conditions of contract services Pre-Reservation and Reservation Online Hotel and Apartments Cons Da Garda (hereinafter CONS GARDA DA) with tax residence in Area 33, San Vicente de O Grove, Pontevedra, 36988 Zip Code.

These General Terms and Conditions of Travel Services are an integral part of the legal notice. The access and navigation on the site, or using the services thereof imply acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (and therefore of the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy posted on the Web). Please read them carefully.

The use of Web services implies full and unreserved acceptance and validity of each and every one of the Terms and / or General Conditions of Contract – to be considered automatically incorporated in the contract signed with CONS Da Garda, without their written transcription therein required – stipulated in the latest updated version of these Terms and / or General Terms. Should the services or products offered on the Web are subject to some special conditions that, depending on the case, substitute, complete and / or modify the present General Conditions, Cons Da Garda inform the user in each case.


The services offered through are:

  1. a) Information on the availability of rooms in hotel: is a purely informational service and is intended solely to offer users the possibility of consulting room availability. This service will be managed directly by CONS Da Garda.
  2. b) The on-line Reservation and / or services: involves booking the room and / or other specific services through the Web. This service will be managed directly by CONS Da Garda The use of these services implies full and unreserved acceptance by the user, and the validity of each and every one of the terms and conditions of employment services, which are directly applicable to contracted services, without the written transcript thereof is necessary.
  3. c) Reservation of packages: the joint procurement involves a total price of hotel rooms and services (internal or external to the hotel), without the price of each detail separately. This service will be managed directly by CONS Da Garda. The use of these services implies full and unreserved acceptance by the user, and the validity of each and every one of the terms and conditions of employment services, which are directly applicable to the contracted services, without it being necessary written transcript thereof.

The clear and accurate information about the detailed price of products or services, online reservations and packages and all the required information by the rules of hotel accommodation and, where appropriate, by the package holiday, will be offered on this website through the specific conditions of each of the services eventually hired by the user.


To access the Web services and, if hiring them, the User declares that he is of age and has legal capacity to act according to their national law.

Hiring services marketed directly by CONS Da Garda through the Web, implies full and unreserved acceptance and validity of each and every one of the terms or conditions – to be considered automatically incorporated into the contract you subscribe without their written transcription therein is necessary – collected in the latest update of these terms and / or conditions version.

If hiring third-party products offered through the Web, it will be determined what the general conditions of those, so it reminds the user the importance of print or download them and read them carefully.

2.1 Recruitment Procedure

In accordance with current legislation in Spain, specifically the provisions in Article 27 a) of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services Society Information and Electronic Commerce, hiring through www. be made by the following steps:

– Step 1 “Combination Select”: Choice of room type, the same number, number of people and a bed.

– Step 2 “Confirm reservation” Reservation confirmation by inserting both User’s personal data relating to reserves, as well as the bank card used as collateral or to make payment on-line of the service, and acceptance of the terms and conditions of booking. In this last step, the user may also hire extras and additional services shows the final price. To do this, the customer must provide their personal details (name, * sex *, address, zip code, city, country *, e-mail and / or telephone) and data from a credit card of his ownership (* type of card, number of credit card and expiration date * *) Their use depends on the method of payment chosen by the customer from among the options offered. The data relating to credit card will not be requested in the event that payment is made by bank transfer.

All personal information marked with the symbol (*) are mandatory and essential character for the service under the provisions of Article 7 of Decree 142/2010, of 4 October, by which approves the Regulation Hosting tourism activity.

On completing the personal data in any of the recruitment process, the holder of such data DA authorizes CONS GARDA to use and process automatically the personal data supplied in order to proceed with the requested booking and / or manage services CONS internal or external Da Garda. the client making a reservation that their personal data will be communicated to the destination hotel, with the aim of managing the reservation and guaranteeing execution of it is reported.

2.2 Confirmation of the procurement procedure

By using the service, after entering your data and, where appropriate, those relating to credit card, the user will receive a confirmation email in which the confirmation of your purchase order is in the process of confirmation shall be placed .

After finalization of the reservation, please the client to review the contents of the same in order to identify any material errors in data entry. If the client check any errors, please telephone or email contact with CONS Da Garda and should facilitate the identification details of the reservation.

The reservation will be confirmed through the website itself with your reservation code, appearing a screen with the details of the reservation.

Also, once he made the corresponding charge to book CONS GARDA DA send the User an email final confirmation of reservation, showing each of the terms and conditions of the booked / contracted service.

The electronic contracting process will end, meaning consequently hired to book:

1) In the case of payment at the hotel of the service: Upon receipt of the confirmatory email.

2) In the case of on-line payment of the contracted service: Since the positive charge occurs in the credit card provided by the customer.

3) In the case of payment by bank transfer: From receiving cleared receipt of payment of 10% of the amount of the reserve provided within a maximum period of 7 days since the online booking is made.

2.3 Payment

Cons da Garda offers its clients different means of payment accepted for contracting services.

  1. Pay at the hotel of the service: In this case, the data provided by the client, relating to credit card will be used as a guarantee, no charge is made for it by contracted services. Payment of the room and / or services shall be made by the client at the hotel at the time of check-in.
  2. On-line payment of the service: This form of payment involves the automatic charge in credit card whose details have been provided by the customer was previously corresponding to / s room / the amount is and / or services . Consequently, the choice of online payment involves the provision of consent for both room booking to payment.
  3. Payment by transfer: This payment method is offered as an alternative to credit card payment in some hotels, and consists of the prepayment of 10% of the total booking amount via bank transfer to the account that will be provided customer for the electronic procurement process. The transfer to take place within a maximum period of 14 days from the on-line reservation. If the transfer is not made within that period and / or notice of payment to the fax number indicated on the voucher not been sent, the reservation will be canceled automatically. The contract is considered concluded with the receipt of payment of the bank transfer.

Notwithstanding noted in the above three points, in each specific service explicitly state the specific form of payment.

2.4 Right of Withdrawal

It expresses customer reports so that, in accordance with Article 103 of the Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and approved Users and other complementary laws, the legal rules on the right of withdrawal does not apply to bookings made through, being in any case apply special conditions of supply on cancellation.

2.5.- Cancellations

Cancellation of the reservation can be made through or telephone, through information and reservation number indicated on the Web.

2.5.a) In high and mid-season if cancellation occurs more than 7 days before the actual arrival of the client time, the charge of the first night will be made. If cancellation should occur within a period of 6 nights or less, 2 nights would be charged. In low season, if the cancellation should occur within 48 hours before the arrival of the client expenses will spend the first night. This policy also applies to all customers who do not show up for your reservation or decide that once housed advance departure whatever the reason and is valid for travel agency customers as direct customers.

2.5.b) Special arrangements for cancellation and change reservations on-line payment (non-refundable bookings). In cases of on-line payment of the contracted services, once the charge card credit, cancellation or modification of such reservations cannot be made, so that these reserves will be “non-refundable”.

2.6.- Reservation Policy changes.

Except in reservations with online payment (“non-refundable reservations”), modification of the reservation without charge is permitted until 18:00 the day before arrival to the hotel. If the change involves the expansion of dates, people or increased pension or room category, the cost will be based on the price terms listed on the website day performing modification .

2.7.- Compensation in the event of no show of the client at the hotel (NO SHOW)

2.7.a) General regime policy NO SHOW

The time limit for arrival is 18:00 hours on arrival.

If the customer does not show up in the hotel and make the check-in before 18:00 on the day of arrival (except modification or cancellation of the booking) will be charged to the credit card (data received from customer previously), in compensation, the total amount of the first night per room booked. The reservation will be canceled automatically. If should enter the hotel on schedule later than 18:00 hours, will have to contact the hotel.

2.7.b) Special Regime for reservations on-line payment (non-refundable bookings). The foregoing general rule in cases of on-line payment of the contracted services will not apply. These reserves being “non-refundable” in case of no show the hotel will not refund any amount to the customer.


If one of the stipulations under these Terms and conditions is declared void or unenforceable, the remaining conditions will remain in effect. In that case, Cons da Garda agrees to substitute the invalid provision as close as possible to the purpose originally intended.

These Terms and / or General Conditions are governed by current law in the Kingdom of Spain.

CONS Da Garda and the users, for the resolution of any dispute that may arise with respect to its validity, execution, compliance or resolution, in whole or in part, submit, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction or any other that, in its case, could correspond to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the province of Pontevedra, Spain.

This contract constitutes the total and complete agreement between CONS Da Garda and the user, and supersedes all prior agreements, commitments, representations or agreements, either written or oral, that may have previously existed between them.

In any case, any dispute that may arise from the provision of services in the hotel where the client from staying, will be submitted to the Courts of the consumer.